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Selling Doujinshi!

Hi, you may (or may not probably haha) have noticed that I've been out of the fandom for some time now. That being the case, I've been left with a metric ton of doujinshis that I no longer have any use for. I can't quite part with them all just yet but I'm trying to part with them little by little because they deserve to go to someone who has actual use for them.

Right now I'm just going to try and sell the one of these on and hopefully work up the resolve to sell the rest at a later date.

Doujinshi here!Collapse )

summer camp day 14

Title: With Eyes To Hear
Rated: G (mild implications of violence)
Word Count: 1,141
Summary: Arthur is out of arrows and Alfred is out of words. Ones that Arthur can hear anyway

I can't read like that!Collapse )

Day 13 summer camp

Title- Engwand
Rated- G
Summary- Pirate clothes ono

a/engwandCollapse )

Day 12 Summer Camp

Title- Tight and Close
Rated- G
Word Count- 1007
Summary- England and America dance in circles, literally.

This is dancing just like the rest of 'em areCollapse )

Day 11 summer camp

Title- Houses
Rated- G
Summary- Alfred and Arthur are assigned and well

blasphemyCollapse )

Day 10 Fancomic

Title- Brick
Rated- T for terrible job placement
Summary- Alfred gets mad at Phil Tippett

You had one jobCollapse )

Summer Camp day 9

Title- Don't worry
Rated- g (nyotalia)
Summary- now baby don't you fret

we're living in the future and none of this has happened yetCollapse )

2013 summer camp day 8

Title- Ratings
Rated- T for sexual references
Summary- how would you rate-

rudeCollapse )

2013 summer camp day 7

Title- MIB
Summary- Men in black

cut cut cutCollapse )

Summer Camp 2013 Day 6

Title- A Short Explanation
Rated- T for cursing and vague sexual references
Word Count- 1,017
Summary- America wants to dress England up as Indiana Jones- or well the closest thing

"Are you sure you're not getting your archaeologists mixed up?"Collapse )